Secret Identity

I’ve been writing fan fiction for the last year and change. As I work to revive my writing habits and ambitions it has been instrumental in getting me motivated and inspired. My problem is that I’m writing under an assumed name. As such I’ve been living a kind of dual life. I write as J. D. Rummel, my published works are under that name, I give public readings under that name. When I write under the fanfcition name I am oddly liberated. Any baggage is dropped and I can write stuff that J. D. Rummel can’t get away with.

More later, oldest boy has to get tucked in.

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One response to “Secret Identity

  1. Amber

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm–so is there a House of K,L,M, or Z out there somewhere we should be looking for? Amber 🙂

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