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Secret Identity

I’ve been writing fan fiction for the last year and change. As I work to revive my writing habits and ambitions it has been instrumental in getting me motivated and inspired. My problem is that I’m writing under an assumed name. As such I’ve been living a kind of dual life. I write as J. D. Rummel, my published works are under that name, I give public readings under that name. When I write under the fanfcition name I am oddly liberated. Any baggage is dropped and I can write stuff that J. D. Rummel can’t get away with.

More later, oldest boy has to get tucked in.

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Today I advised Amy that I was going to re-org the Gladware so the space was better used and that the total volume of Gladware was reduced substantially.

Wow. If I suggested I throwing out the children I’m not sure I could have gotten a more rigorous response.

Married people fight. I don’t think that’s a secret. I’m a married man and I’m on vacation. When I’m on vacation all I really wanna do is stuff I wanna do. I’m not attempting to justify or defend it here. I’m sure many viewpoints will differ. That’s cool.

We just fought about Gladware. I’m calling it Gladware but it’s various brands, really. You know the stuff, the plastic containers that we use to keep leftovers for storage or travel.  We have too much Gladware. We have two shelves worth in our kitchen. We use maybe a quarter of it.  I do the overwhelming majority of the dishes at the house. That is by mutual agreement with my wife. So I’m the guy that has to wash and re-stock the Gladware.

I’m making a stand, dammit.



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It’s Sunday mo…

It’s Sunday morning, July 1st, the second week of vacation begins. My days are incredibly short. I have a lot of things that nibble on my time, like piranha they swarm and take lots of tiny bites. Some are just stupid distractions: e-mail, Facebook, ego trip detours. Others are more real and substantive. I have a wife and two young sons, all of whom expect and require my participation in their lives. 

And it begins early today. Farewell.

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July 1, 2012 · 9:19 AM

Getting Started

Working on being a blogger. I need something that will keep me writing in a disciplined manner. This might be it.


NOTE: The contents of House of J. are copyright 2012 by J. D. Rummel. Use of any material contained therein is expressly forbidden without the written permission of the author.

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